Resolution No. 1194 of 02.11.1983

Date of entry into force: 1983

In accordance with the provisions of para (a) of Article 42 of the Interim Constitution،

The Revolutionary Command Council have decided in their session held on 02.11.1983 the following:

1. The financial authority shall undertake to administrate estates belonging to Iraqi women who have followed (or follow) their emigrated husbands and still possess their Iraqi nationality.

2. Sums arising from the exploitation of the said estates shall be recorded in private accounts.

3. This resolution shall be published in the Official Gazette and enforced from the date of its issuance.

Saddam Hussein

Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council

صحيفة الوقائع العراقية الرسمية بغداد، العدد 2968 بتاريخ 21.11.1983