Law No. 215 of 1980 - the Enjoyment of Palestinians in Real Estate Rights

Date of entry into force:30 September 1981

Article 1 The Palestinian residing in Iraq shall be enjoyed with a right of real estate utility for dwelling within the boundaries of Amanat Al-Assama or Municipalities of the governorates centres and that after taking the approval of the Ministry of Interior. The Palestinian and his wife and the minors of their children shall be considered like one person for the purpose of this law.

Article 2 The real estate shall be registered in the name of Ministry of Finance to be burdened with the utility right of the Palestinian and the utilizer shall bear its value as the neck (Rakaba) and the utility.

Article 3 The right of utility shall be transferred to the utilizer heirs after his death.

Article 4 The right of utility shall be finished absolutely by the liberation of Palestine and in the ascertainment of the returning to it or in case of the Palestinian shall leave Iraq and this shall be indicated in estate register and in this condition the Ministry of Finance shall appropriate the real estate completely and the utilizer shall be deserved its value to be estimated according to the provisions of the Law of Estimating the Real Estate Value and its utilities.

Article 5 In case of compensation has been fulfilled for the real estate due to its destruction actually and virtually therefore the utilizer shall be deserved the compensation for the neck and utility completely.

Article 6 The utilizer shall behave in his own right in all legally permitted disposals but however if he shall transfer the right of the utility to Palestinian subjected to the same provisions mentioned in this law and if he transferred it to other than the Palestinians it shall be transferred and will be accompanied by the right of ownership and registered in his name as a true property (Mulik sirf) and the real Estate Registration Department should inform the Ministry of Finance in this regard.

Article 7 Any legal text of resolution contradicting to the provisions of this law shall be null and void.

Article 8 The Minister of Interior shall issue the necessary instructions for the execution of this law.

Article 9 This law shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.